I did a lot of different things in my life before I became a photographer or, as I prefer to say, before photography found me. The truth is I never actually thought I'd become one. At least that wasn't in the original 'Plan'. But it all started when I got my first smartphone and began taking pictures of everything around me. I fell in love with composition and this was way before I even had a camera. So I bought a camera, and I started making images. Mostly for myself, but in many cases, other people ended up liking them too. And so I went on with it. 

Turns out that I am crazy about the world. It can sound a bit cliché, but I have that curiosity that does not let me look at things and take them for granted. To me, the world will always seem a bit unreasonable, bewildering, even enigmatic. There is a certain mystery in everything that exists, which keeps feeding my need to explore things.


I found in photography a way to express my curiosity, to question it, register it, or in some way contemplate it. Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I grew up with a lot of different influences and had my life surrounded by beauty and chaos, music and noise, contrasting landscapes and social inequality. After I moved to USA, in 2012, photography helped me to stay connected with the world’s beauty and roughness in a different kind of way. I am profoundly intrigued by human race and its influences and how different we all are, how differently we all relate to each other and live in this world. I found that there is too much out there to look at. And by photographing, I invite other people to share that experience with me. 

So when you look at my imagens, I want you to feel something. I want you to feel that the world is big, that people are awesome, that there's so much we've accomplished and so much that we've done wrong. I want you to feel that you are alive, and that beauty can also be found in small things, in big spaces, in different people, in different forms, colors, shapes and specially, I want you to see that beauty, most of the times, can be found simply by changing the way you look at things. :)